M+B Prepare & Protect

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Modor & Bearn's Prepare & Protect is a carefully balanced collection of Modor + Bearn skincare solutions for your body’s journey through pregnancy and breastfeeding, together with reputable over-the-counter products for the early management of common antenatal minor ailments.

All Modor + Bearn products have been inspired using pharmacist knowledge of safe, efficacious ingredients to try and bring you the desired results, carefully selected over-the-counter products.

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M+B Ultra Hydrating Body Moisturiser


Preparing the skin for pregnancy, creating optimum hydration and so reducing the chance of developing stretch marks.

Modor + Bearn Nourishing Nipple Balm


Preparing the nipples throughout pregnancy, while ensuring protection after pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

Modor + Bearn Warming Back Rub


A warming muscle rub to keep you at your most comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Modor + Bearn Leg Circulation Cream


A refreshing leg cream to stimulate tired and heavy legs experienced during pregnancy.

Fybogel Hi-Fibre

10 sachets

A natural fibre orange drink


16 tablets

Effective relief for pain and fever


24 tablets

A fast-acting antacid

Important notice/disclaimer

Over-the-counter medicines are not available for supply outside of the UK.

Before using any over-the-counter medicine, you must consult a healthcare professional for advice.

You must read any warning notices, instructions, and the patient information leaflet for over-the-counter medicines before use.

You must read any warning notices and instructions for Modor & Bearn products before use.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage, harm and/or reaction resulting from your misuse of Modor & Bearn products or your not heeding warning notices or following instructions for use.