Scaly, flaky baby scalps – why did I formulate a product?

At Modor & Bearn, all products are created in response to common discomforts. They’re practical, purposeful and pampering all at the same time!

I am often asked by parents how to tackle and manage scaling and flaky skin on baby scalps.

A common “pharmacist hack” is to apply a gentle oil to the scalp prior to washing, to help loosen scales and flakes.

I designed the Softening Baby Shampoo to roll two steps into one. It is formulated from three oils – sunflower, coconut and olive oil . These oils not only help loosen scales and flakes, but soften and nourish the scalp. The formulation is also low-foaming, to reduce the chance of interfering with little eyes during washing.

Cradle cap is a more extensive scaling (clinically a form of dermatitis) and while it can look quite distressing, it rarely troubles a baby and resolves on its own – generally after a couple of months.