Uncomfortable backs in pregnancy – why did I formulate a product?

At Modor & Bearn, all products are created in response to common discomforts. They’re practical, purposeful and pampering all at the same time!

The concept behind the Warming Back Rub is essentially a portable hot water bottle!

Many pregnant women (and mums post-birth) suffer from back ache. Working as a pharmacist, I know the choice for self-management is fairly limited. While specialist physiotherapy has a role, there are only so many paracetamol that can be taken in a day. I also know that the application of warmth to a muscular area can provide comfort and relief. And, I also know that certain ingredients can interrupt us from perceiving sensitivity.

Combining all this together, I formulated the Warming Back Rub. It quickly heats the affected area to provide comfort, it has a mild follow-on cooling action while simultaneously creating a tingling sensation to distract us from the ache. Perfectly sized for use at home, in handbags and travel-friendly.

Furthermore, it was really exciting to be featured as a “mum must-have” in HELLO! magazine!